My First Post

Hello everyone, For unfortunate reasons last year I had to move to Santa Barbara county! 1 being a severe chronic pain issue due to a degenerative spine problem which put me out of work and forced me to be on medi-cal. Since I’ve moved here I have been diagnosed with Diabetes, life threatening potassium levels, Hepatitis C and cervical cancer in which after each blood test they took, the RECEPTIONIST called to tell me “sorry, we were wrong” . I have been trying with all my might to get decent health care since I’ve moved into this county and I just can’t. This last Thursday I received a letter from Medi-cal saying that because I didn’t fill out my “Re-new” paperwork, I was being denied benefits. Funny thing! I was never sent any paperwork. I called their office and it was told to me “oh yea, we didn’t send the letter out until this last week” and yet they were going to take my benefits away from me after they even admitted that they were at fault. The first 4 months that I lived here, because of improper diagnoses I was in the emergency room at least every month. I’m writing this to try to let people know that if you have any serious medical needs, don’t move to Santa Barbara County!!!, I’m 53 years old and have lived in several counties in California and I have never experienced anything like this. Something or someone needs to help us!


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